Retro Bluetooth Speaker
About This
  • Selected high-quality hardware material, small volume bass dynamic compensation, 360 degree 3D space compensation, 75 signal-to-noise ratio, V5.0 Bluetooth, support AUX, Bluetooth & SD card
  • 16 x 16 pixels,256 full RGB self- programmable LED screen, You can create any pixel images and animations with the built-in app traditional animation and game characters, super hero, and emoji the limit is your imagination
  • Social media notification, smart alarm clock, thermometer and weather conditions, schedule planner, 24 professional sleep-aid profiles make you have a good sleep. Traditional pixel games, voice memo, DJ mixer
  • Retro and funky TV shape appearance, the most stand out decoration. Perfectly show your taste
  • Fully functional frontal controls for a real retro experience, control volume, Audio Input, compatible with IOS and Android

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